444 W Lake/155 N Wacker Trainer Tuesday



Name: Kayla Goddard

Location: Riverpoint 444 W Lake Street / 155 North Wacker

Job Title: General Manager / Fitness Director

Fitness Inspiration: My Mom! She has recently made some major health changes and has lost a lot of weight and is still pushing herself to accomplish more! Her dedication, commitment and motivation is inspiring to me. I will always look up to her. She is my biggest inspiration!

Favorite Teaching Moment: My favorite teaching moment is at the end of class when we are cooling down and stretching. I love seeing the participants faces. Not everyone comes in happy and wanting to workout, but at the end you can tell how happy and proud they are to have made it to class. It is a great feeling knowing that I can make someone's day a little bit brighter just by taking them through a workout.

Fitness Philosophy: Overall wellness is key. Focus on the mind, body and soul! Listen to your body, exercising does not have to be negative. Find types of exercise that you love to do and do it. Set realistic goals, challenge yourself when necessary and try new things. Strive to feel good on the inside and out!

Favorite Workout: I enjoy total body and HIIT workouts. I find those to be the most challenging. I love working up a sweat and feel super accomplished after those types of workouts.

Favorite Workout Snacks:

Pre: Oatmeal
Post: Apple slices and dip (vanilla Greek yogurt mixed with almond butter, honey and cinnamon)

Random Fact: I am OBSESSED with avocados. Instead of eating normal pb&j's as a kid I would bring avocado sandwiches to school for my lunch.

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