Samsung Trainer Tuesday



Name: Cara Simpson

Location: Samsung

Job title: GM

Instagram Handle: @cara_beann

Fitness Inspiration: I have always been interested in health and fitness from many years of competitive swimming. After working as a clinical dietitian I realized I wanted to do more to keep people healthy and out of the hospital. Since becoming a personal trainer, I have been able to help people improve their health through both diet and exercise. Now I am inspired by all of my clients who continue to work hard and improve every day. There is nothing more satisfying than watching my clients progress and it inspires me to be the best trainer and dietitian I can be!

Favorite Teaching Moment: My favorite teaching moments are when clients tell me they are able to perform daily activities with more strength and less pain!

Fitness Philosophy: Exercise to be FIT not skinny! Being fit comes in all different shapes and sizes and exercise is beneficial regardless of what the scale says. Strength and energy are what matter most!

Favorite Workout: Anything that increases my heart rate! Cardio on machines gets boring so instead I prefer to do circuit training to combine both strength and cardio in one workout.

Favorite Snacks:

Pre workout - sprouted grain toast with almond butter and banana
Post workout - scrambled eggs and a fruit and vegetable smoothie or overnight oats

Random Fact: Growing up as a swimmer I spent most of my time in the pool so I didn't run very much. When I first started running in 2008, I could only run a quarter of a mile before I had to stop. By 2011 I worked all the way up to a half marathon! It wasn't easy, but you can truly do anything you set your mind to.

Name: Danny Perez

Location: Samsung

Title: Fitness Director

Instagram Handle: @dannyyperezz

Fitness Inspiration: My passion is in the weight room. I love finding ways to make people stronger and feel good about themselves.

Favorite Teaching Moment: One of my clients had Polio and experienced severe atrophy in his left leg. This caused his gait pattern to suffer greatly. I used my prior experience in SCI therapy to improve his gait pattern and he came to me while I was at my front desk and told me that he couldn't remember the last time he walked this pain free. It meant a lot to me that I was able to improve someone's quality of life.

Fitness Philosophy: Mold the plan to the person, not the person to plan.

Favorite Workout: Standing overhead press.

Favorite Snacks:

Pre-workout - Bagel with peanut butter
Post workout - eggs and toast

Random Fact: I play 3 different instruments: Drums, bass and guitar.

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