PepsiCo Trainer Tuesday



Name: Chris Zivalich

Location: PepsiCo

Job Title: General Manager

My Inspiration: Personally- I like to feel and look strong. Professionally- Reaching the few clients who truly get what we are trying to accomplish and seeing them succeed.

Favorite Teaching Moment: My favorite teaching moment is when I was training my client and watching her set a personal best on squat.

Fitness Philosophy: Doing something is always better than doing nothing.

Favorite Workout: Strength and muscle building.

Favorite Snacks:

Pre-workout: Oatmeal
Post-workout: Banana and protein shake

Random Fact: I was an extra in a Transformer movie.

Name: Devyn Hacker

Location: PepsiCo

Job Title: Fitness Director

Instagram Handle: @devyyy6

My Inspiration: My inspiration comes from so many people-- my clients and class members that show up and push themselves every session or class and my mom who aspires to be her best self in the gym and exercises 5 days a week in her 50s despite a very recent ACL surgery.

Favorite Teaching Moment: I can't come up with a specific moment but I love my class members! They make teaching a blast and always keep me and each other laughing to get through the workout. I enjoy coming up with a challenging workout that they might hate during but love and feel accomplished after!

Fitness Philosophy: Ability and effort are not fixed. If you give it your all, good things will happen.

Favorite Workout: HIIT style workouts-- I like to get my heart rate up then switch to a heavier lift trying to keep my heart rate up followed by a period of rest or less intensive exercise and repeat! My favorite muscle group to train is legs, I find myself getting the most creative and the best workout during leg training days.

Favorite Snacks: Pre-workout: overnight oats for breakfast about an hour or so before I train
Post-workout: a slice of Ezekiel toast with peanut butter, banana slices & cinnamon

Random Fact: I'm "an absolute savage limbo-er" as my brother would say. I've been known to win a few random contests of limbo at weddings/resort vacations.

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