Upright Row Form



by Becca Egan, BS, NASM-CPT

Exercise: Upright Row

Muscle Groups Targeted: Upper body - traps, shoulders, upper back

Importance: Good upper body pull movement to really target traps (tops of the shoulders) and upper back which can sometimes be tough to target.

Proper Form:

  • Stand feet shoulder width apart, dumb bells or barbell in hands, palms facing your thighs, thumbs wrapped all the way around weight
  • Tight core, shoulders down, not hunched around your ears, start moving the weight up by pulling your elbows up wide
  • Stop when the weight gets to about armpit height
  • Make sure elbows are slightly above the shoulders in a slight "V"
  • Lower weight back down all the way
    • That's one rep


  • Make sure to keep weight close to your body. You can start by practicing this move on a smith machine, so it has to stay on a track. The weight shouldn't ever move out from your body.
  • Make sure you are not leaning back or swaying or jerking on every rep. Brace your core to help recruit more muscle work.

Sample Workout:

10 up right rows
10 skull crushers
10 core/renegade rows
10 over head presses

Complete 3-5 rounds with 30-60 seconds rest between each round.

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