ATP: Favorite LifeStart Class



What is your favorite LifeStart workout class and why?

by Lindsey Herr

Chris Graves: LifeStart GM and CPT

My favorite LifeStart class is Robert Sanchez's yoga class fosho! That dude rocks!

Mary Beth Stehlik: LifeStart GM and CPT

Yoga, I like having someone else instruct a workout that I wouldn't do on my own, and I know it's good for me.

Katie Schwartz: LifeStart GM and CPT

My favorite workout class is our Friday Rip 'n' Ride- it's a great combination of Interval Cardio training, strength circuit, and then stretch/yoga at the very end. You get an awesome sweat and fatigue the entire body, but then your body feels rejuvenated from the stretch at the end.

Jamie Regan: LifeStart GM and CPT

My favorite class would have to be Boot Camp. I enjoy the intensity of the class and pushing my body to new limits. Anytime I take a Boot Camp class there is always great team energy.

Becca Egan: LifeStart GM

I like rip and ride. 45 minutes of straight cycling is sometimes hard to get through mentally but rip and ride is broken up and you get some strength element in there which I am always a fan of.

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