Lateral (Side) Lunge Form



by Becca Egan, BS, NASM-CPT

Exercise: Lateral lunge (also known as side lunge)

Muscles Targeted: Lower body - quads, hamstrings, glutes


Moving in a different plane other than forwards/backwards is important for balance and strengthening muscles you don't use as much day to day so that you can catch yourself if you become off balance and prevent injuries.

Proper Form:

  • Start with feet together, step one foot out to the side (about the width of your wrists when your arms are out stretched to the sides)
  • Keep both feet pointed forward, push your hips backwards and bend the knee you stepped out with, keeping your other leg straight.
  • Come back to standing by pushing off the outside of the foot you stepped out with using your side glute muscle, keeping your core tight.
  • Alternate legs.


  • Side lunge with overhead press - start with dumb bells at your shoulder, lunge to the side, as you come back to the middle (standing position) press weight over your head.
  • Side lunge with upright row - start with dumbbells in front of you, palms facing your thighs. Lunge to the side, as you come back to the middle (standing position), pull your elbows up and out so they're slightly higher than your shoulders, keeping the weight close to your body.

Sample Workout:

  • 10 total side lunges (5 per side)
  • 20 total skater jumps
  • 10 dead lifts (medium weight)
  • 20 plank jacks
  • 10 lateral shoulder raises
  • 20 sumo squats

Complete 5 rounds.

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