401 N Michigan Trainer Tuesday



Name: Paul Young

Location: 401 N Michigan Avenue

Job Title: General Manager

Instagram Handle: @rgryoung

My Inspiration: Working with others! I love my job because of the variety of people from all different walks of life and all different passions! Getting to know someone can really help you understand how to get the most out of them. I believe anyone can train someone, but I'm inspired by the "personal" part of personal training!

Favorite Teaching Moment: It's happened on many occasions! I am a stickler on form and moving well. If there is a move that a client cannot get down right away, we slow it down and go through the motions one by one, then watch it come together. To see the look on my client's face as they see my reaction to nailing a hard move is priceless! I live for those moments, as it affirms their ability to learn and complete moves they thought they could never do before!

Fitness Philosophy: I believe Americans work hard, but neglect fitness. It's not necessarily their fault, as our culture has simply leaned more toward technology, which leads to not very much movement. With that being said, my philosophy is to help these people learn to move well. I want them to get stronger so that they can enjoy playing with their kids and grandkids, get in and out of a car or chair easily, walk 6 blocks with grocery bags in each arm, and most importantly - be able to travel the world or do whatever they love when they retire! Why do we work so hard if we cannot enjoy the fruits of our labor later?

Favorite Workout: I love a lower back workout! Deadlifts are a must and they are always part of my weekly routine. Along with those, I am a huge fan of the kettlebell, as it has all the right moves to enforce my philosophy of making things easier on our bodies doing day to day tasks, by simply taking a half hour to train it 2-3 times per week.

Favorite Workout Snack: I'm still a big fan of a PB&J about 45 minutes before a hard workout. The type of bread, butter, and jam have all changed over time to healthier options, but still a PB&J! My favorite post-workout snack is chocolate milk! I use fair life, which has more protein and calcium, as well as less sugar than white milk. It provides everything my body needs and is craving right after a good workout!

Random Fact: I am a former Army Ranger who has deployed twice to Iraq with the US Special Operations Command.

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