Ask the Professional: Health Profession


Why did you join the health profession?

by Lindsey Herr

Chris Graves: LifeStart GM and CPT

I became a trainer to stay active and spread awareness to others about the benefits to living a more active lifestyle!

Becca Egan: LifeStart GM

I liked showing and teaching people about new moves and how exercise can make them feel, in all aspects - emotionally, physically, and mentally.

Mary Beth Stehlik: LifeStart GM and CPT

I grew up in a very unhealthy household, both of my older sisters were overweight. Growing up, I saw how it affected them but I too started down the same path, struggling with my weight from childhood. Initially, when I went to college, I wanted to teach PE to help kids learn how to be active and healthy. I soon became discouraged by the sports centered curriculum, that doesn't teach healthy habits and makes un-athletic kids feel worse. I had started training with Adela Garcia, Miss Fitness Olympia, during college. I had never met anyone like her! She helped me get in the best shape of my life, encouraged me to complete in figure competition and inspired me to help others change their lives. I have lost both of my sisters to disease, which possibly could have been prevented by healthier lifestyle habits. What gets me out of bed every morning is knowing my clients and members look to me for inspiration, motivation and guidance everyday. If I can help one person avoid chronic pain or disease and save their family from the pain of losing them, I am making my sisters proud.

Paul Young: Lifestart GM and CPT

I started in college as a business major, but at the time I never really felt a passion or connection with what I was learning. I knew I was always into working out so I decided to take a few courses about movement. I really enjoyed the classes, so I changed my major to Kinesiology. Learning about physical activity and the science behind it is awesome, but I really knew I wanted to be a coach/ trainer when I discovered the relationships created between me and my clients. I found myself rewarded (financially and spiritually) by helping others be a little healthier, stronger, better.

Katie Schwartz: LifeStart GM and CPT

I became a trainer/ health professional because I believe everyone has the right to live a healthy life, but may not have had the education or certifications to know how to accomplish it. It is my personal goal to spread my passion, knowledge and expertise to as many people as possible; giving them the tools they need to live a healthy way of life....being a trainer/health professional is the perfect outlet to do that in.

Christine DeSouza: LifeStart Fitness Director and CPT

I grew up as a dancer and worked professionally into my mid 20's and HATED the gym.  I used to go with my high school boyfriend anyway.  Once I figured out I had a knack for fitness because of the depth of awareness I had for my own body as a dancer I began to workout, then teach and grew to love it.  As I got older, I really appreciated the importance and role of fitness in the lives of people.  The reason I am in the industry today is much different than my younger years.  Today the reason I am a trainer is because it is such a huge opportunity to impact every aspect of a client's life in a positive way through the health and vitality of their whole being.  I honestly believe what we do is LIFE CHANGING and LIFE SAVING.

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