121 W Wacker Trainer Tuesday



Name: Sonya Latinovic

Location: 121 W Wacker

Job Title: GM, Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor

Instagram Handle: @sonyalatinovic

My Inspiration: All of the amazing high level coaches I've crossed paths with during my professional fitness journey. They all remind me to stay humble, genuine, and never stop growing!

Favorite Teaching Moment: Sharing the moments when my clients hit a new PR or accomplish something they didn't think they were capable of!

Fitness Philosophy: Our bodies are designed to move, adapt to stress, and hold power! I train to continuously build the best version of myself and others as a lifetime commitment!

Favorite Workout: Metabolic conditioning

Favorite Workout Snacks:

  • Pre-workout: BCAAs
  • Post-workout: protein smoothie with coffee

Random Fact: I couch surfed my first nine months moving to Chicago in 2009!

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