Michigan Plaza Trainer Tuesday

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Name: Jamie Regan

Fitness Center: Michigan Plaza

Job Title: General Manager

Instagram Handle: @jjregan

My Inspiration: My mom was my biggest fitness inspiration. She grew up playing competitive soccer and taught my sisters and I the importance of fitness and being part of a team. I really appreciate her allowing me to try out different sports and activities growing up.

Favorite Teaching Moment: I run 6 week Boot Camp programs at my center. It's amazing to see the beginners in the class from start to end. By the last couple of weeks you would think they were taking the class for years!

Fitness Philosophy: Sweat every day! I believe in doing something you enjoy to break a sweat every day. It could be a cycle class one day and a brisk long walk with a friend the next. Do anything to get your body moving and that blood flowing.

Favorite Workout: I love taking Boot Camp or HIIT classes. I enjoy the intensity and the energy those classes bring.

Workout Snacks: Lately my favorite pre-workout snack is a piece of whole grain toast with crunchy peanut butter and cinnamon. My favorite post-workout snack is a smoothie with kale, vanilla protein, almond butter, dates, cinnamon, and banana.

Random Fact: I secretly enjoy doing burpees!

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