30-Minute Treadmill Workout


This Workout Wednesday will have you working up a sweat in no time! This 30-minute treadmill workout will focus on sprint intervals and hill climbs. So jump on the nearest treadmill to get started! 

Things to note:

PP = Personal Pace, a pace that is comfortable and can be maintained for about 3 miles

SS = Sprint Speed, about 2+ mph faster than your Personal Pace

Recovery = about 1-2 mph slower than your Personal Pace 

Start with a 5 minute warm-up to find your Personal Pace, no incline.

Next, increase your Incline every minute to simulate running up a hill.

Incline 2 @ PP: 1 minute

Incline 4 @ PP: 1 minute

Incline 6 @ PP: 1 minute

Incline 8 @ PP: 1 minute

Incline 10 @ PP: 1 minute

Incline 5 @ PP: 1 minute

Incline 1 @ PP: 1 minute

Incline 0 @ Recovery Pace for 5 minutes

Next, stay at an Incline of 0 and alternate between your Sprint Speed and Personal Pace for sprint intervals!

SS: 30-45 seconds

PP: 1 minute, active recovery

Alternate between Sprint Speed and Personal Pace for 5 sprints total! 

Cool down for 5 minutes at Recovery pace