12 Days of Christmas Workout 2016



Get in the holiday spirit with this 12 Days of Christmas Workout! Perform the 1st movement; then the 2nd and back to the 1st; then the 3rd back to the 2nd and back to the 1st; & so on (just like the song)!

You'll get a great resistance-based workout. To add in cardiovascular exercise, add in 1 minute of jumping jacks or jump-rope every time you do a burpee.

You will need a set of dumbbells & a kettlebell (or heavier dumbell) for this workout. Happy Holidays!

1: Burpee

2: Push-Up

3: Overhead Tricep Extension

4: Bicep Curls

5: Goblet (Kettlebell) Squat

6: Alternating Front-to-Side Deltoid Raises

7: Bent-Over Rows

8: Kettlebell Swings

9: Weighted Glute Bridges

10: Alternating Reverse Lunges

11: Deadlifts

12: Man-Makers (Dumbbell Push-up, Burpee-to-Press Combo)